Thursday, August 6, 2009


If you know something about Japanese cuisine , I am sure you must know what's "Tempura"about.
It's is japanese style fritter.
My friends believe that it's difficdult , so much work and so much cleaning needed after having tempura that they hardly manage to give it a try.

But for me , it is the best food when you are busy and have no time , or when you don't have enough food in your fridge .

So today is such a day. I prepared grilled salmon , but it seemed too small to fill me up . I picked a lotus root , lady fingers , shiitake mushrooms , an eggplant .4items.
It's considered that 4 is not a good number but they are all I had in my fridge.

Cut them up dip in batter and deep fry , fry , fry .
It took me only 5minutes.
If you feel it's too troublesome , you don't have to make dipping sauce but I hope you grate daikon radish and ginger as they are digestive and helps your stomach feel light after having the oily food.
In addition to the dipping sauce , I served the tempura with truffle salt & soyabean powder salt.

Oh remember to wipe the wall and stoves with a paper towel soon after cooking .
It would take only a minute so ...

Meshiagare!(Bon apetite!)

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