Monday, May 10, 2010

OKA-SAN no PULIN - My Mother's Custard Pudding

"PULIN"the word came from "PUDDING",this is my eternal favorite in the entire galaxy since I was a child.

My mother, a full-time house maker of three(I am the middle), hasty, open minded woman, she now finished raising up her children, decided to eat anything convenient.
But when I was little, she had never given us food that contains artificial coloring, MSG, preservatives.

So my childhood , I believed then , was miserable.
Kids society is very competitive,sometimes brutal. I was always ashamed to open my lunch box ,always scared of my friends looked into my bento box.

My friedns had octopus shaped RED sausages.
Me, I had BROWN sausages in octopus shape but had only 4legs.

My friends had green color jelly for their dessert.
Me, I had peeled fruits or simple buttercake.

How I wished my mother could have put something pretty in!!

But after a few decades,now I appreciate her for not to have given in her kids' blah-blah.
Not for litening to our
"All my friends have pretty bentos.Only my bento is dirty."

Aligato, Okaasan(Thank you mother).

After her strict and patient taste buds training ,my tongue is still able to recognize natural taste and I know how to stay away from unhealthy things.
This custard pudding was part of training.
And this is the dessert I love most that reminds me of the woman I love the most in this galaxy.

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