Friday, May 14, 2010

Snowball Cookies + Matcha

There are rules, a lot of rules in Japanese cuisine, tea ceremony(SADOU), flower arrangement(IKEBANA).
The principal rule is , needless to say, selecting materials/ingredients which take advantage of seasons.

For example, cucumber (summer vege)in winter dishes is a giant NO.
Using sakura(spring flower) for Ikebana(flower arrangement)in autumn, you can upset people badly.

So I need to keep it secret, having this cookies with the name includes a winter word"SNOW" in the middle of spring.
Here is another secret-this casual setting for Matcha(green tea).I love having Matcha after meal .I love the taste of Matcha a lot but following the SADO manners does not make any difference of the taste I think.(SHHHHH)
How to whisk and the temperature of water are the key for tasty Matcha ,that's all you have to care.I would rather ignore the rules/manners than giving up having Matcha only because I can't follow the rules/manners.
Good to know them, but should not be ruled by them.

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