Wednesday, September 22, 2010

JAPANESE PASTRY & DESSERT 1@Shermay's Cooking School

I will teach atShermay's Cooking Schoolon 10 October(Sun).It's going to be purely sweets making.
The picture above, it's skewered dumplings.
One in green color is Yomogi Japanese Mugwort Dumplings with Hokkaido Red Bean Paste
(Yomogi Dango to Tsubu An)
I am very excited that I can show you how to make sweet chunky red bean paste from dried azuki red beans which is the first, the biggest,the most important step when you talk about Japanese sweets making.
THe other one is Grilled Plain Dumplings with
Sweet Soysauce (Mitarashi Dango)
Yuzu parfait.It's a cream dessert that is really easy to make . It's not like making ice cream, no need to open the freezer every few hours to stir.It'll be served with yuzu liquor and soda in the class.
Japanese Pumpkin tart.

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