Monday, September 27, 2010

Japanese Pastry & Dessert 2- Shermay's Cooking School

Konnichiwa! Here are the sweets I will be teaching on the 18 Dec (Sat) at Shermay's Cooking School
Japanese Roasted Green Tea Agar & Milk Shiratama Rice Dumpling with Houji Cha Honey Syrup
(Sansyoku Houjicha Kanten no Houji Cha Silop Zoe).I hope that this dessert will show how beautiful the aroma of roasted green tea is , and furthermore,I hope it could show that there are not only green tea or matcha but also other types of tea in Japan.
Icebox cookies. This cookies are the ones I repeated uncountable times and still never got bored with.
Red Bean Chocolate Cake (An Choco Cake).
Japanese Raw Brown Sugar Swiss Roll
(Kokutou Roll Cake)

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  1. hello ! where can I find a Japanese pastry school in Japan ?