Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Lunch(MenuC)

Spring,,if you have ever lived in countries with four seasons,like it or not, Spring is the most special season.It's time to be relieved from cold time, flowers start to bloom that makes us feel like start or restart everything with fresh mind.

More of my friends sent me photos of Sakura this spring than ever.
They look much more special this year , probably it's not only to me but also to the people in my country.
Our national flower seems that it is trying to make us believe that good time like spring will come back as long as we are alive,it will surely come back however hard your life is to carry on.

In Japanese cuisine, you have to show seasons using suitable plates,flowers, and of course the ingredients used should represent the season.
This set menu is one example that shows Spring.
For the main dish: Raw Scallop with plum sesame sauce
Side 1 :Egg toufu
Side 2: Simmered bamboo shoot with Wakame seaweed
Bamboo shoot rice
For more details,

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