Monday, September 8, 2014

Regional Japanese : Kyusyu @ Shermay's Cooking School

 I will be teaching Regional Japanese Desserts : Kyusyu class in Shermay's Cooking School  on 14th Sep (Sun).
It was really fortunate that I could get to see a Japanese supplier which imports premium Kyusyu products and I can use their products for this class that I could make the menu something special..

Here are the menu for the class ;
Purple Sweet Potato Cream and Sweet Potato Cream Roll with Nuts Crumbles.

Yuzu Meringue Tart

You may know this Japanese Citrus, called Yuzu(柚子), which has unique fragrance and its sour taste is much more gentle than that of lemon's.
The problem with the fruit is,,,,, the price when it's fresh fruit and the flavor when it's bottled.
Back in my hometown, my mother has a yuzu tree so it's something I would go to the yard and pick and grate the zest or squeeze the juice for baking or cooking.
So it has been depressing years  in Singapore for me having seen the price is about 7 dollars per pc or if it's bottled type, it has odd flavor or contains salt.

But as I mentioned above, finally I got out of the depressing stage.
The 100% yuzu juice and dry yuzu zest powder made by one producer in Kyusyu are the saviours.
Now I am happy to offer our favorite flavour that has authentic and natural aroma of Yuzu !

Here is how it looks inside. Short sable type tart and yuzu curd topped with seared yuzu meringue
And as for a traditional Japanese dessert, raw brown sugar plum liquor agar jelly with tofu.
Raw brown sugar and coffee ice cream with coffee sugared nuts

As for the bonus recipes, you will have recipes for Purple sweet potato and vanilla strip cookies
and Kyusyu Scones

To Sign-up for the Class. Log on to

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