Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Classes in December @ Atelier Koinu

I would like to update on some upcoming cooking classes held at Atelier Koinu

 9 Dec 09:30- (3.5Hrs)
Cold Udon noodles with walnut dipping sauce/Hot Udon with Sweet Tofu Puff and Wakame Seaweed/Kuzukiri-Arrowroot jelly strips with Japanese Kokuto raw brown sugar syrup/Tricolor roasted Japanese tea agar jelly with Tofu mochi dumplings ($145)

Simmered Chicken drumstick with hard boiled egg in Sweet sour soysauce broth
Spinach, carrot and shiitake with sesame tofu "Shiraae" sauce
Deep fried egg plant with sweet miso "Dengaku"sauce

To register visit our website

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