Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flower Sushi-HANA ZUZHI

"HANA ZUZHI"(Flower Sushi)is a specialty of Chiba prefecture where I am from . It is originated from farmers in the region where is the 2nd largest farmland in Japan next to Hokkaido prefecture .
Although "Hana Zushi"flower sushi rolls are usually made for ceremonial occasions , I would like to share the recipe with you as making this sushi makes me feel like I am an artist or a painture , this is simply fun to make .
Making sushi rolls might seem difficult , but once you learn some tips on how to roll , you will find how easy it will be . Let's start with very basic roll , FutomakiA very basic type of roll sushi . fillings for this sushi are stewed carrot , stewed shiitake mushroom , something green(ex cucumber , french bean , spinach),colored ground fish(sakura denbu),sweet omelette.
After mastering how to make basic one , now it is drawing time .

the classes will be given 1st-5th( 1st , 2nd , already fully booked)March 2010
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