Sunday, April 18, 2010

Potato Croquette Bento

Potato Korokke(Potato Croquette),I can see clearly the influence of the western food culture from this dish.
But it has already got into our food cluture so long that you could find the potato croquette even in Zen cuisine or in home style cooking.
Everybody has concept of"my mother's potato croquette" from my reserch.
I usually ask all japanese people I encounter about their mothers'(sometime fathers')croquette and they have the answer.

Basic answer:stir fried minced beef and chopped onion & mashed potatos.
My mother's croquette is following this basic.She intentionally does not mash the potatoes completely, leaves some potato chunks for texture.
I use minced pork and braised hijiki seaweed instead of beef and onion.
Seaweed in potato?? It might sound strange but I am a huge fan of seaweeds, and well I believe hijiki goes well with potatoes.

For my fiance, who is a huge spice fan that I add chopped green chilies and beef instead.
That is also beautiful combination.
I will also be teaching stir fried squid with butter & soysauce/ Marinated spinach & carrot.

20th/21st/23rd April, 2010
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