Friday, May 21, 2010

Japanese Style Steam Boat-YOSENABE

I tried to cook rice by using this brand new clay pot.
Look at this.The grains are sparkling...I must admit that it tastes nicer when you cook rice with clay pot.
Some people love this burnt part(I am one of them). In Japan, you can find spaecial rice cookers that can make this burnt rice.
Cooking rice is one of the tasks clay pots can do well.But generally they are used for steam boat in Japan.
↑Mizuna,glass noodles,chinese cabbage rolls,shiitake mushroom,enoki mushroom,leek
Chicken,cod fish, miso&sesame pork balls.
I always prepare at least 2kinds of dipping sauce or I get bored very fast.
Dipping sauce;goma(sesame)sauce, grated radish sauce
Yuzu Kosyo(Bottled yuzu+chilli paste)
After enjoying all the veges and meat, fish,the soup becomes so flovorful.
Let us make porridge using the soup and the rice that's cooked with the clay pot.
That is the grand finale of YOSENABE.
The class will be given ; 24-27 May 2010

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