Friday, May 28, 2010

Japanes Home Style Cooking Class 1 at Shermay's Cooking School - 13 June(Sunday)

Dear All
I am excited to inform you that I will be teaching atShermay's Cooking Schoolon the 13th June(Sun).
As for the first class there,I have chosen dishes that could be a good prelude to Japanese cuisine.
Chirashi Sushi-Scattered sushi;You'll learn how to wash rice and cook. Also I'll show you how to make sushi vinegar.The sushi rice mixed with three kinds of vegetables(shiitake mushroom,carrot, Kanpyo-dried gourd)topped with shredded thin omelette,marinated sour lotus root in flower shape,prawns,french beans and pink cod sprinkles.This is very home style sushi which is served for festive occasion.
Nikujyaga-Braised Beef ans Potatoes;This is another very popular home style dish. It's more for daily meals .

Ingen no Cashew Nuts ae-French Bean with Cashewnuts Sauce
Sansyoku Tofu Shiratama dango to sencha syrup - Tricolor(matcha,plain and marble) tofu mochi dumplings with sencha(green tea)syrup; Usual Shiratama is made shilatama rice flour and water .But for this , I will show shiratama flour+tofu version.The texture is more bouncy and smooth.

It will be demo+tasting class at Shermay's Modern & Stylish School in Holland V.
If you are interested , visit
Arigato gozaimasu

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