Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RED BEAN PASTE-Green Tea Chiffon Cake & Ichigo Daifuku

Matcha green tea Chiffon & Homemade Hokkaido Red Bean Paste & Green Tea w Whipped Cream

The Main thing of this plate is Red Bean Paste. I cooked Canadian red bean and Hokkaido "Dainagon"red bean usinga the same amount of water, sugar, same type of pot.
The difference of taste turned out so big that I decided to use the beans from Hokkaido.
It takes 2hrs to cook redbean but it's worth trying it
In fact, I cooked this red bean paste to teach ;Ichigo Daifuku-Red Bean and Strawberry Mochi
I must admit that our cuisine, especially desserts have no "wow"action, flavour, oh well,they are rather boring if you see how to cook and smell.
But yesterday, I saw "wow"impression on my student's face when he tried the first scoop of red bean paste.
That made me really happy because I always make the same face whenever I have homemade red bean paste.

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