Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Japanese Home Cooking Class3 @ Shermay's Cooking School

Here are the menu for Japanese Home Cooking Class 3Shermay's Cooking SchoolI will teach more basic dishes.
1Simmered Garlic Pork
(Yudebuta no ninniku syouyu zuke)
2 Edamame & Spinach Marinated with Dashi Fish Stock and Soy Sauce
(Edamame to hourensou no ohitashi)
"Ohitashi"Literal meaning of this word is "dipped dish".
Simple spinach "ohitashi"was the first salad dish I learnt in elementary school .
I still remember how tasty it was though it was only blanched spinach dipped in soysauce.
After three dicades, making sauce by myself mixing spinach with edamame like this, I try to remember the moment of my first self realization(?).
3Steamed Rice with Chicken, Carrots, Konnyaku and Other Vegetables "Takikomi Gohan"
and 4 Miso Soup
For dessert, light tofu chiffon cake with whipped cream with roasted soybean powder.
The class will be conducted on 1 August(Sunday)

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