Friday, October 29, 2010


Confession;I never knew gyoza(餃子)was not Japanese food.I am sure I was not the only one Japanese who believed(or believe) gyoza is one of typical Japanese home style dishes , because it's so into Japanese home style food.
So please allow me to tell you how my gyoza tastes like.
For the side dish 1 , Nasu no dengaku(deep fried egg plant with dengaku miso sauce). I am sure this one is very Japanese dish. Especially this miso sauce is something I always want to teach, which is extremely versatile, has long life, easy to make,and most importantly, is really tasty.
I get into a panic when I don't find this sauce stored in my fridge.
This is the side dish 2. Japanese cucumber with sour plum and bonito flakes.
Also egg clear soup will be taught .
Classes will be given in November 2010 too.
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