Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Baking 2 Shermay's Cooking School

Here are the sweets I am going to share with you on the 18th Dec(Sat) at Shermay's Cooking SchoolFresh Fruits and Cream Cheese Custard Tartlets
Small tarts filled with cream cheese custard and fresh fruits.

Florentins ;Sliced almonds and caramel baked on rich butter cookie dough.
Sesame Swirl Cookies (Goma Uzumaki Cookies)
Japanese black(paste) and white sesames(seeds) used into a cookie with a swirl design.
Green Tea (Matcha) Mousse. An egg-free recipe that results in a healthier, light and airy texture; flavoured with the aromatic bittersweetness of Japanese green tea.
Orange Butter Cake
Almond-flavoured butter cake with oranges in three ways: fresh orange juice, simmered sliced oranges and orange syrup.I dedicate this cake to all the orange lovers.
Bonus Recipes 1Steam Cakes (In two flavours: matcha and raisin)An easy, quick and fluffy steam sponge cake - worth making at home as it tastes best when it is just out of the steamer!
2Black Sesame Panna Cotta (Kuro Goma Panna Cotta)
Italian creamy cool dessert with Japanese flavour.

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