Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japanese Home Cooking 5- Shermay's Cooking School

Here are the dishes I will be teaching atShermay's Cooking Schoolon 27Mar(Sun).Buta niku no Ume Shiso Roll Age(Deep Fried Breaded Pork Roll with Preserved Sour Plum.
Pork, preserved plum and shiso are all consiered anti heat exhaustion.It tastes good too.
This is the preserved plum(Umeboshi)rolled in the pork with shiso leaves.
Kiriboshidaikon no Nitsuke(Braised Dried Radish).This is also something I really wanted introduce to you and wanted you to try this distiguish flavor and unique texture that contains a lot of Vitamin C.
Hotate to Negi no Nuta ae(Blanched Scallop , Spring onion and Enoki mushroom with Japanese mustard miso sauce.It uses the same kind of miso that I will use for the other class on 26Mar for tofu and pork soup. This sour sauce also very popular , spicy sauce that goes perfect with seafood, fish,leaf vegetables such as chysim, spinach, also beans and oh well, anything green.
Kakitamajiru(Clear Egg Soup). We have basically two types of soup. It's miso soup and clear soup. This egg soup is , as the name shows is a clear soup. And this soup is the first clear soup we learn in school.Incredibly goes well with steamed rice.
Yes, steam rice. You will learn how to wash Japanese rice and dashi fish stock in this class too.
For the dessert, I will show how to make caramel custard pudding.
Silky , creamy vanilla custard pudding.It's my mother's recipe.

Looking forward to seeing at the school.
Please check out Japanese Home Cooking 5
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