Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japanese Home Cooking 4 - Shermay's Cooking School

I will teach atShermay's Cooking Schoolon 26 Mar(sat), 27 Mar(Sun) these 2days. Here is the menu for 26Mar.You will learn 3types of Japanese classic "must have" sauce in this lesson.
Salmon no Teriyaki(Panfried salmon with homemade teriyaki sauce).Teriyaki sauce is the most loved sauce which is sweet, savory soysauce
. Though you can buy bottled teriyaki sauce everywhere in Singapore(I see many of you put the bottle in your shopping cart),I bet you'll never buy it once you know how easy it is and how natural it tastes. Not only for salmon, you can use this sauce for chicken, beef, other type of fish, even for stir fried vegetables.
Wakame to Kyuuri no Sunomono(Vinegared wakame seaweed and cucumber salad)This is one of the basic combination of vegetable and seaweed and the sauce too. This non-oil sauce called "Tosa su".For this sauce, you need the sauce called"sanbaisu". Then mix it with fish stock,that'll be "Tosa su". This sanbaisu is also one thing I have really wanted to share with you.You can make various kind of dressing not only "Tosa su".
Toufu no Dengaku(Skewered Tofu with Saikyo Miso)
Dengaku Sauce is made of Sikyo miso(kyoto style sweet miso)and other ingredients such as sugar, sake. This sauce is also "must have" sauce. You can use this sauce for literally for everything.So this class is more focus on sauces.I hope this class will be a chance for me to make Japanese cooking look much more accesible for you all.
As for soup I will show Tonjiru(Pork miso soup)Miso soup with Pork and various kind of vegetable.My favourite miso soup.I really appreciate this soup especially when I don't have so called"main dish". This is really warm and nutritious, filling soup.
I know some of you know how to wash Japanese rice and cook, and know how to making dashi fish stock. But let me tell you all over again. It is the most essential than anything in Japanese cuisine so.
For the dessert/tea time sweets;Sakura(cherry blossom) flavoured Japanese style crepe with red bean paste.
I southern part of Japan will see Cherry blossom blooming soon.
I hope I can share spring with you.

Looking forward to seeing at the school.
Please check the next post, it's going to be put up soon.
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