Sunday, June 24, 2012

JAPANESE PASTRY & DESSERT 2@Shermay's Cooking School

 First of all,I would like to thank you all for attending the Goma, or sesame baking class yesterday held at Shermay's Cooking School
I was most excited that I could share the recipes with one of my favorite ingredients .
This coming Saturday on 30 June,  I will have one more opportunity to share my personal, eternal favorite recipes.
These 4+2bonus recipes show me that I should go back to simple desserts sometime to confirm that using complicated methods or rare ingredients are not always the key of  wow factor.
This class is a repeat class and with new 2 bonus recipes will be included this time. The picture above is KokutoJapanese raw brown sugar roll. Japanese Roasted Green Tea Agar & Milk Shiratama Rice Dumpling with Houji Cha Honey Syrup
(Sansyoku Houjicha Kanten no Houji Cha Silop Zoe).I hope that this dessert will show how beautiful the aroma of roasted green tea is , and furthermore,I hope it could show that there are not only green tea or matcha but also other types of tea in Japan.
Icebox cookies. This cookies are the ones I repeated uncountable times and still never got bored with.
Red Bean Chocolate Cake (An Choco Cake).
  This is called Mizuyoukan,it's smooth red bean agar jelly. A traditional summer dessert in Japan.
and chocolate caramel squares..

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