Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dry Curry Set(MenuC)-$85

Making curry from powder, frying it with caramelized onion and garlic and ginger paste..I was most amazed when I came to Singapore . I am sure  most of the people live here  think that the way you make curry is  not for special occasion but you do on regular basis.
I found and find that it  was and is really amazing.

Because for us, curry is something we cook when we don't have enough time to cook, it is considered an instant food.
All you have to do are cooking vegetables and meat with water and adding instant curry cube , that's all.
But this dry curry is different for me.
The recipe is from my mother's friend whom I respect as a goddess of house wives.
When she brings food to us, it comes in pretty handmade basket.
In spring, she makes salt preserved sakura blossoms using the flowers gently picked from the beautiful sakura tree growing in her huge garden.
She never buys bread from bakery as she bakes.
She hardly buys vegetables as she grows them in her well kept garden.
She never cooks instant food, NEVER. She is upset when she sees young mothers buy spring roll from super market(hey, I would do that too! but I Never ever tell her the truth). She is humble, gentle,kind, always smiling, is worried about everybody even when she herself is seriously sick in bed.
When my mother was sick and had to go through an operation, the lady was the one who took care of our diet.
She made us understand how homecooked food could give us comfort,warmth not only to stomach but also to our hearts and give us energy to go through the hard time, which store bought spring roll could have never given us any. So, This recipe is from that perfect lady .
It takes some bottled sauces you can buy from supermarket but it requires more work than the instant curry cube though it is much less work than cooking Indian curry. And the taste does reminds me of the lady, always and I look at the direction where she lives, and always be thankful.

To accompany with the curry , blanched watercress with sweet sour miso and mustard dressing
and Hijiki and Kanten salad will be served. The class will be held at my place on
10Oct 10:00- 12Oct 10:00- 15Oct 10:00-/15:30- 16Oct 10:00-/15:30- 17Oct 10:00- 18Oct 10:00- 19Oct 10:00- Visit

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