Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hands On Hana Maki Class @ Shermay's Cooking School

I will teach hands on Hana Maki Class at Shermay's Cooking School this coming Saturday and Sunday.
This type of sushi is a specialty of Chiba prefecture where I am from. 
In the region, it is said you 'd better master hana sushi before getting married . 
The prefecture that has second largest agricultural land in Japan has of course many farmers. 
They gather to work, gather to cook and gather to eat. 
It's all about team work. 
They make Hana sushi on any special occasions. 
Although I am not a farmer's wife (and luckily ??my husband is not Japanese )I have learnt hana sushi from one charismatic rice farmer's wife out of my curiosity. 
She can make any patterns even complicated Chinese characters in the blink of an eye.
That was most inspiring cooking class I ever had. 
I am most excited that I will be able to share the fun time with you.
Here are the 4 patterns you will be making and bringing back home to share with your friends and family;

  3) Flower Maki - red and white sushi rice with stick cheese, yamagobo pickles

4) Tomoe Maki - a traditional motif: Three comma-shaped sushi in one roll. Green takana zuke pickles, yellow daikon radish takuwan and pink salmon flakes are used for the fillings.

5) Shikai Maki - another traditional motif. Shikai means the seven seas. The stripes represent waves. Red sushi rice flavoured with yukari (sour red shiso powder) and sweet thick egg roll.

6) Bear Maki - Brown sushi rice with takana zuke pickle, goma, stewed nori seaweed sushi rice and sweet egg roll.

Traditional type of hana sushi uses lots of artificial coloring but for this class, we'll use brown rice or red rice and pickles to give colors.

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