Thursday, April 1, 2010

Braised Chicken & Vegetables Chikuzen Style -Chikuzen-Ni

Chikuzen-ni Braised Chicken & Vegetalbes.This dish is one of the most popular simmered(or braised) dishes in my country if I am not wrong.

Although all the ingredients are modest such as carrot, gobo(burdock), lotus root, konnyaku, dried shiitake mushroom , this dish is oftenly served on festive occasions such as the girl's day, New Year's day and birthdays.
Its taste is also so modest that you might not be able to find it so 'wow'.

But still I would dare to give lessons and would like to share the recipe with you because I believe this dish can tell what we Japanese usually eat at home .
In other words, this is the best dish when we want to show our food culture which uses various kinds of vegetable that is the key for our longevity.

Trust me, we eat this kind of dish more than raw fish.
To accompany with the modest dish,I will be teaching Agedashi-tofu Deep Fried Tofu with Amber Sauce.This is rather popular dish in Singapore so I don't think I have to explain what it is.You know, it is yummy .Even yummier when you cook it by yourself.

+blanched enoki mushroom and spring onion with sour miso sauce/rice/soup
The lessons will be given
26th-30th April 2010 / 10:30-
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