Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fish, Fish, Fish

It is said we Japanese consume 63.8kg of fish&seafood per person in avarage.It's 4times the quantity of the world avarage.
Well,I am definately one of us who eat more fish than meat and here are my favorite fish dishes.
Sake no Nanban Zuke- Deep fried salmon marinated with sweet sour sauce.

Saba no Miso Ni - Simmered Mackerel in Miso Sauce.This hearty dish is found at many diners in Japan.
I can easily finish two bowls of rice when I have this dish.

+I would like to show you how to cut whole fish into fillet and am going to show you simple grilled fish using local fish like snapper, mullet etc.
If you hesitate to do it, please do not worry about it.I will handle it while you are closing your eyes.
Let's enjoy fish feast together.

Lessons will be given
12-16 April 2010
for more details,

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