Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Japanese Home Cooking Class2 @ Shermay's Cooking School

Konnichiwa.Time flies.It's already July.This month on the 24th, I will be teaching at Shermay's Cooking Schoolagain. Those who attended the previous class, doumo arigatou gozaimashita, thank you very much.I hope I can see you again on the 24th.
Those whom I will be able to meet on the 24th for the first time, douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
I will teach 5dishes this time.
1:Seafood, Salmon & Tofu Gratin with Miso Cream Sauce (Tofu to seafood no miso cream guratan)Miso(soybean paste),soybean milk,soybean curd(tofu)....Soy, soy, SOY.
Without soybean, you can't talk about Japanese food.
One of my friends once told me that he could smell soy all over Japan.
Is that true?
I am not sure about it but I am sure I'll get irritated if I have to go without soybeans.
That means I have to give up most of Japanese Food so.How could I?
Back to the gratin, it seems heavy but it's surprisingly light.
Cheese and miso goes very well, it's just like a perfect international marriage.
Actually when you make custard pudding, if you add some miso paste to taste, the pudding will taste like cheese.
Oh well, back to the gratin again, it goes well with both rice and bread.
2:Simmered Chicken & Boiled Eggs in Sweet Sour Sauce (Toriniku to yudetamago no amasuppa ni)
3:Simmered Chinese Cabbage (Hakusai to aburaage no nibitashi).As I mentioned, soy is essential as well as rice in Japanese cuisine.One more essential thing is Dashi fish stock.I had no chance to teach in the previous class but this time I'll teach how to make dashi stock, good one in the next class.Using good dashi fish stock,I'll cook this simple dish.
This dish always reminds me that I don't have to do too much when only a few items can create such a good taste.
4:Tofu Cheese cake
5:Plum Liquor Jelly (Umesyu kan)

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