Monday, January 24, 2011

CNY Japanese Treats 2 Shermay's Cooking School

One week to go!!Although I have done with my new year celebration, I am getting excited again in the mood of CNY. I will be teaching treats for CNY at Shermay's Cooking Schoolon 30th January 2011(Sun)As I understand that there is almost no time left to practice for you, all the items I'll be teaching are easy to make a lot at a time,not required to have hard practice.
Such as green tea cookies. A veery simple butter cookies but by using cookie cutters that represents spring such as plum flower,Japanese bush warbler(for us, the bird means spring itself), you can make it festive.
yuzu mousse
with candied yuzu zest
Saikyo miso nuts caramel tartlets.You might find it unusual to use miso(fermented bean paste)for sweets, but there are many Japanese traditional sweets with miso paste. This "saikyo miso" is one of the sweetest miso that contains glucose and sugar which gives the sweets good flavour with slight savory taste.
Queen of Sheba. My mother's , a rum lover's siganature cake.
as for bonus recipes, pineapple and yoghurt cake
a super moist buttery easy cake which I can make with my eyes close.
and sesame nama caramel; very creamy soft toffee with Japanese sesame paste.
See you on Sunday!!

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