Monday, January 12, 2015

Chinese New Year Treats Class @ Shermay's Cooking School

I will be sharing my Baked Treats for Chinese New Year at Shermay's Cooking School  on 8 Feb 2015.
It's about treats go well with tea, that has New Year Flavor with Japanese twist.
To create the menu, I have dropped in so many local confectionery shops in Singapore and also my friends helped me a lot to make me understand the local taste more deeply.
I hope that I could make the class suitable for those who want to include something new but not too strange in your Lunar New Year Treats.
So here are the treats I will be teaching;
Kinako and Peanut Crumble Sable : I love anything with crumbles especially when it comes with only crumbles.
 Because of  Sudakitou or Japanese fine light brown sugar  that melts in mouth gorgeously it has become the 1st cookie listed my favorites cookie in this year.
Disc : Sable base with egg white and almond circle with Jam from Albert et Menes.
It sounds a bit troublesome and it rather is. BUT I must say it is worth the work.
Engadiner : It's my mother's specialty though her version takes almond and single layer of butter cookie base. Here I use dry apricot to give a slight zing to the rich honey caramel and lots of walnut.
It's a best friend of Green tea or Pu erh tea .
Sesame and Cheese Sacristain : This is a savory pie, which is made from Pate Feuillete rapide or express puff pastry. I believe this would be a great break having this between sweet treats. 
Kokuto Brown Sugar Castella Cake : I am going to use Okinawan Raw Brown sugar to make this traditional moist cake.
You can't see it from this picture but you will find light brown sugar bits on the bottom of the cake that is a wonderful accent for the tender texture of the sponge cake part.
Bonus recipe 1 : Banana and Jasmine tea cake. It was such a wonderful discovery that strong banana flavor can match Jasmine flavor so very well.
It's not your ordinary banana bread (though I love banana bread for normal occasion but not for festive season . I hope you agree )

Bpmis recipe 2 : Lavender Milky Butter Cookie. I made once lavender milk gelato , since then lavender+milk is my eternal loving combo.
 Now it's in cookie form and I am happy with it as always.

It is going to be a demo style. You will have the recipes, lots of food tasting and bring back a take home box filled with these baked treats.

Hope to see you at the School !!!!